Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Walking to Safety: Akech's Story

6 year old Akech is from South Sudan. Jonathan Krause from ALWS met her at the Reception Centre in Kakuma Refugee Camp. She was carrying her baby brother Lang, who was wearing just one shoe of a size suitable for a 10 year old. 

“I came here with my mother and my uncle. My father was killed in the violence. My mother was beaten.

I am always thinking about my father who was killed.

We ran away to Kenya. We come for safety, and also for food. I came from Sudan by foot. We were two days on foot. We were very tired. I was frightened. Then the UN pick us up.

I felt good when we get here. We get beans and maize here.

I am in Class One at school. My favourite subject is writing. I like collecting water, and I like playing. I want to be a teacher.

I do not want to go home because there is still a lot of fighting.”

When you choose to take the first step in helping others through Walk My Way, you're helping children like Akech. With very little else at the Refugee Camp, school offers a chance to learn and grow, but also to belong and be cared for. 

To register for the Walk, to find out how to run your own, or to sponsor a Walker, click here

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