Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why I'm Walking: Andrew Weiss, Teacher, SA

Andrew chats with a student at Hol Hol refugee camp in Djibouti.
By choosing to Walk or sponsoring a Walker,
you'll help provide much needed schools like these.
Andrew Weiss is a teacher at Cornerstone College in Mount Barker, SA. 

He's registered for Walk My Way - and has already got his walking shoes! We asked him why he decided to step out to help others...

"Last year I was lucky enough, through a trip organised by ALWS, to be able to visit and spend time in the refugee camps located in Djibouti.

"The shoes pictured are the ones that I used to walk through these refugee camps as I learnt what life is like in a refugee camp, why people become refugees and also had the opportunity to work with the refugee camp teachers and teach refugee children. 

To Djibouti and now to Hahndorf!
"One thing that struck me is the importance that is placed on refugee children being able to receive an education. Education gives these refugee children hope for the future. 

"That is why these same shoes and I are going to participate in Walk My Way, walking the 26kms from Hahndorf to Adelaide. By being a part of Walk My Way it gives me the chance to be an advocate for refugees around the world as well as raise awareness and money to enable children in refugee camps to receive an education."

Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

If you'd like to help provide Teachers + Textbooks + Tables for pre-school refugee kids, head to the Walk my Way website to find out more and register now!

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