Friday, 21 April 2017

Away and In Danger: Carol of the Refugee Children

These moving words to the tune of 'Away in a Manger' were written by Shirley Murray from New Zealand. Our prayer is they encourage all of us to keep reaching out in love for justice for refugees. 

Away and in danger,
Rose crossed the border from South Sudan to safety
with her four children, carrying all their worldly possessions.

no hope of a bed,
the refugee children,
no tears left to shed               
look up at the night sky
for someone to know
that refugee children
have no place to go.      

The babies are crying,
their hunger awakes,
the boat is too loaded,
it shudders and breaks;
humanity's wreckage
is thrown out to die,
the refugee children
will never know why.

Come close, little children,
we hold out our hand
in rescue and welcome
to shores of our land -
in *aroha, touching
        your fear and your pain,
with dreams for your future          
when peace comes again.

*Maori for 'warm embracing love'
alternative line "in touching, in healing'

Shirley Erena Murray 
Words © 2016 Hope Publishing Company

Thanks for allowing us to share your powerful words, Shirley. 

To 'hold out your hand' and welcome refugee children, register now for Walk My Way, or sponsor a Walker. Your prayers are also needed. Thank you!

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