Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Why I'm Walking: Lisa Angwin, Lutheran teacher, SA

"This time last year I had the privilege and life-changing experience of walking alongside refugees
Lisa with Jamali from Djibouti, who inspired
her to take part in Walk My Way.
living in refugee camps in Djibouti. 

While walking alongside men, women and children and being welcomed into their homes, I was moved not only by their warm hearts and welcoming spirits, but by their daily determination to survive and not lose hope. 

Education was the focus of our visit and the emotion displayed, when they spoke of how important it was for them to see their children get an education, was inspiring.

As a Lutheran teacher here in Australia working with children on a daily basis, I see it as a privilege to be in a position to make a difference in many lives. My goal each day is to build compassion, understanding and love in the hearts of others so that as a nation we may one day be more welcoming to the strangers across the seas.

One little 6 year old boy in particular will be in my heart on July 4th.

His name is Jamali and he has a skin disorder that itches all day and all night. He has suffered from this since the age of one. 

It hurt his body so much to wear clothing and shoes that he couldn’t attend school, as he couldn’t attend if not clothed. 

And yet on the last day as we said our farewells, I will forever remember looking up to see him running towards me fully clothed and wearing shoes just so that he could come to the school hall for a hug and to say goodbye. 

These people welcomed me, changed my life and took hold of a special place in my heart - and that is why I am walking!"

- Lisa Angwin, Lutheran teacher, South Australia

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