Friday, 26 May 2017

From little things, HUGE things grow!

Vicki Gollash, ALWS Community Education rep for Victoria, NSW and Tasmania, shares the story of a small but MIGHTY group of kids and teachers in rural Victoria. 
Students from St Peter’s Lutheran School
in Dimboola saved their devotion
offerings for 2 years to help
an amazing 50 refugee kids go to school!
A couple of weeks ago, I visited St Peter's Lutheran School in Dimboola. With just 27 kids in total, I think it may be the smallest Lutheran School in Australia!

I spoke to 11 Grade P-2 students and then 16 Grade 3-6 students. They were lovely kids and really keen to learn.

After lunch, they half-filled buckets of water and walked 1 km around the block. It’s a simple exercise to experience what life is like for other children their age.

This is all part of a very normal school visit.  

The surprising part happened at the end of the day…

...when they presented me with a cheque for $1300!

The students and the whole school community were so excited because this means they can help 50 refugee kids go to school!

What an incredible effort - thank you, St Peter's Lutheran School!

And what a wonderful reminder to us all that from little things - like a $1 coin in the devotion collection jar - AMAZING things can grow!

If you'd also like to help refugee kids go to school, sign up for Walk My Way or simply Donate Now. Thank you!  

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