Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sewing Hope: Fatima's Story

Fatima at the Lutheran Community Sewing Group
in Albert Park (SA), sewing one of the head-scarves
given to all Walk My Way Walkers.
“We had to leave Iraq because it was very dangerous in our area. There are very big problems, bombs, killing. We escaped to Jordan first, and came to Australia in 2003.

I was a nurse. I worked in Jordan for 2 years with a surgeon in hospital. But not here. I can’t. I don’t know English words in nursing.

I miss Iraq too much… (cries) … All my family is there.  I miss my family, and my neighbours. Every time they are together I am missing. They miss me too much. In Iraq I know everyone. We share cooking and talk.

Here I know no one.  I was very sad and crying when I first came here. Angry.

I have been coming to sewing group for 6 years.  When I first come, I know I was not good at English. Anytime someone would talk to me, or teach me, I just say ‘thank you, thank you’. But I was not sure what they were saying.

A lady taught me sewing, but I learn so much more than sewing. When I come here, it makes me more good than before … (cries) ... Now I know everything and I teach.

This group very important to me. These people are my neighbours. I know them now … too much I know them … (laughs) … Now I’m happy to stay. It is good.”

You're needed to help other new neighbours like Fatima. You can register to Walk, volunteer, pray, or donate now. Thank you!

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