Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why I'm Walking: Chey Mattner, Head of ALWS

"Why have I decided to walk?
Chey Mattner, meeting in the mountains outside of Kathmandu

Because I’ve just spent today with some refugees in Djibouti who’ve lived in the same camp for 25 years. Some were born in the camp, and now have children of their own.

I have children of my own too. But I have choices. They have choices. These refugees do not.

They are instead at the mercy of another country, and there’s no sign of them leaving.

The least I can do is put on a pair of sneakers, and show them that they are not forgotten.

We must bring this issue to the attention of others, and Walk My Way is a great way of doing this.  

Walk with me too. Walk with THEM!"

To join Chey, head to the Walk My Way website to register. Or donate here - thank you!

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