Friday, 5 May 2017

Meet Indi: Minecraft enthusiast and Champion for Refugees!

Inspired by a visit from the ALWS Community Education team to her school, Queensland student Indi decided she needed to do something to help refugees. 

'I love the work they [ALWS] do' says Indi. 'They help refugees and people in developing countries, in all sorts of ways. I am hoping to raise $100 by not using my devices (ipad/iPhone, except for essential school work) from Sunday 21st May through to Saturday 28th May'.

See Indi's passion in her short video below!

Or watch it here on YouTube. 

I'm sure you'll agree Indi seems like a pretty amazing girl. 

What's even more amazing is that she's already smashed her $100 target and has increased it to $500 - which would help an incredible 19 refugee children!

In her quest to help others, Indi knows she hasn't taken on an easy challenge in giving up her devices. 'This means no Minecraft and no YouTube' she says. 'It will be very hard for me'.

Mum Bek is so proud of her daughter:

'This afternoon she was watching an SBS documentary she found that I had taped called Go Back To Where You Came From. She was calling out to the TV in support of refugees. I love her heart!'

You can sponsor Indi on her fundraising page here, or simply leave her a comment to encourage her. Go Indi!

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